BoatShine™ Faded Gelcoat Restorer - Exquisite Gretta

BoatShine™ Faded Gelcoat Restorer

Effectively Restore Faded Boat Gelcoat In Secs!

✓ Reviving the gel coat on your boat

✓ Restore color & appearance of dull and faded surfaces

✓ Protects against corrosion & blemishes

✓ Suitable for ANY surface on boats

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Seb Dejesus
It worked!

Great product, I put it on as directed and it put new life in the very faded gelcoat of my boat.

Selena Kaur
excellent product

Does what it says. Brings back color without prior buffing and dries very glossy. Hopefully it will be durable.

Gemma Gamble
Works but might need more than 1 application

I’m happy with the product. I goes on easy but can be tough to get off/polish. Not that difficult though. I used one clean towel for the first pass on removal, then a second clean towel for the final removal and it came out great. I would buy this product again.

Alison Macias
Works fast and easy!

Worked great on my 1988 boat. After 30 years of fading it didn't make it look like new which I expected but it made a huge difference. I previously used turtle wax rubbing compound and polishing compound every couple of years and this stuff made it look better than both!

Karl Bannister
Great product for restoring neglected gel coat

A small amount goes far. Easy to use and works

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