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University's Oldest Graduate Returns As Military Doctor to Honor His Fallen Comrades

Serving the nation as a soldier had always been Drew Johnson’s childhood dream. Immediately enlisting into the military at 17, he spent close to 28 years as a soldier in the US Navy, and 26 of those years in the Navy SEALs.

But one day, everything changed.

He was leading his team on a surveillance mission. There was a deathly silence as they neared the location. That was until he felt a bullet whizz by his ear.

He urgently shouted to his team:

“Get down!”

But it was too late.

Thundering gunshots filled the air. His comrades moved to protect him but fell to the ground, wounded by the gunfire. He managed to drag them to safety but didn’t know what to do with their fatal injuries.

Drew recalled the incident:

“I called for backup right away, but I was afraid they wouldn’t make it in time.”

“My buddies were bleeding so heavily.”

“I tried to stanch the bleeding using pressure, but the blood kept pouring out.”

“I panicked. I didn’t know what to do.”

In the end, only Drew had survived and that has haunted him ever since. Flashbacks and nightmares about that day became an everyday occurrence for Drew.

Doctors advised him to relinquish his military duties as his severe PTSD would make him vulnerable on the battlefield.

Drew could only blame himself.

“If only I had the medical expertise, I could’ve saved them.”

“I was useless, hopeless. I watched them die right in front of me.”

He was ridden with guilt and sorrow, but he realized he couldn’t let their lives go in vain.

“Their sacrifice will never be forgotten. I must use this second life of mine wisely.”

“I don’t want anyone to ever experience the despair of losing the people they care about on the battlefield.” – Drew

So, Drew decided that if he wasn’t fit enough to be a soldier, he could serve as a military physician instead. Thus, at the age of 45, he decided to try and pursue a degree in medicine at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.

His first day in class was, in his words,“absolutely terrifying”.

He couldn’t focus at all in the lectures and discussions. He also had trouble understanding the ideas discussed. It didn’t help either that his peers who were younger than him were more well-spoken and knowledgeable. He was both intimidated and stressed which worsened his PTSD.

He tried all sorts of ways to improve his focus.

From meditation, getting enough sleep to exercising… but nothing worked. His concentration didn’t last more than 5 minutes. He was even desperate enough to consider taking Adderall. But he didn’t want to be dependent on the drug or let it worsen his PTSD, so he refrained from dabbling in drug use.

Devoid of choice, he consulted several doctors. But doctors told him that due to his recurring stress and anxiety-induced PTSD episodes, his concentration was unlikely to improve.

He felt defeated and crushed.

Every day he went to class, he felt himself lag further behind his course mates. The stress accompanying his struggle to catch up triggered more PTSD episodes, driving him into the brink of mental and physical exhaustion. His drive to continue his degree plummeted as days went by with no hope in sight.

Until, one day, a group of medical researchers from the Biology and Medicine department approached Drew.

They were moved by his never-ending and loyal dedication to the country. When they caught wind of his story and difficulties on campus, they knew they had to help him.

The researchers had been researching the cognitive-enhancing properties of the rosemary plant. The plant has been hailed since ancient times for its medicinal properties against diseases and illnesses.

“Through our research and trials, it was found that the fragrant aroma from rosemary can improve a person’s concentration, brain power, reaction time, accuracy, and mood.

The science behind such effects, they discovered, lied in a natural compound 1.8-cineole which makes up about 30% of rosemary essential oil.

“Exposure to this compound was found to be able to improve the cognitive performance and memory retention of our clinical trial patients… even patients with dementia!”

“Taking in the aroma of the rosemary was also found to reduce cortisol, the stress and anxiety hormone.”

“We were amazed by the various benefits it could provide and wanted to share it with the world!”

To do so, they developed a unique steam distillation method which extracts, preserves and concentrates all the natural healing properties of the rosemary plant into what was called ‘liquid gold’ for the brain, a potent and concentrated rosemary essential oil.

“We bottled it and named it Rosmarin™.”

There are a variety of ways to use this therapeutic elixir. Diffuse it, apply topically, or take a whiff straight out of the bottle to get an immediate brain power boost.

“Over 97.2% of our clinical trial volunteers have already reported that they experienced increased alertness and focus, less stress and anxiety, and better memory.”

“If you’d like, we could give you a bottle to try.”

Drew didn’t hesitate to accept their offer. After all, he was eager to try anything in order to get back into service as quickly as he could.

He couldn’t believe the effects Rosmarin™ had on him.

“Only a few days passed, and I already felt more relaxed and focused. My PTSD episodes became less frequent and I wasn’t as anxious or stressed.” –Drew

After a few months, his lecturers and course mates noticed a drastic difference in his behavior.

This was what they said:

“He was picking up ideas and theories from left to right! It was amazing!” – Kim Jennings

“I’m so glad that he looks less stressed in class. He’s always in a good mood now.” – Marie Collado

“His ability to concentrate has definitely gotten better. Now I have to ask him for notes and clarifications!” – William Brott

“His academic performance has more than just improved but has exceeded our expectations. We are very proud of him.” – Prof. Dr. Abraham Harris

Drew eventually went on to score in the top 0.1% in the university exams, graduating with First Class Honors, and fulfilling his vow to the people he failed to save over the years by serving as a doctor in the Medical Corps.

“Through Rosmarin™, the oath I made to my comrades is fulfilled.”

“I will continue to serve our country in their stead by giving medical aid to the injured so that they can live a longer and healthier life.”

“Just like how Rosmarin™ saved me, giving me the strength I needed to restart my own life.”

– Drew

Over 53,647 people are using Rosmarin™ to help them focus better and reduce their stress.

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